Award time

Tue, Mar 30, 2010


Award time

Ok, I admit it. I am completely rubbish with awards. I’m always thrilled to bits to get them. I glow with pride. I feel great bursts of bloggy love. I rush over to whoever the kind and generous donor is, I download the picture, I stow it in a little folder – and there it sits, gathering virtual dust, until something jogs my memory, usually an awfully long time later. Then I get a horrible jolt of guilt and feel completely awful that I’ve been sitting on the award for months like an absent-minded, broody old hen.

Well, that’s not going to happen any more. No, I am a new and dynamic Divorcee, accepting awards immediately and passing them on seamlessly, like a runner in an Olympic relay team (though possibly not wearing the skintight lycra catsuit, you’ll be pleased to know). The days of dusty prizes shut in my computer’s cupboards are over. I shall, from this moment forth, be dispensing my largesse straight away. The lovely Hadriana of Hadriana’s Treasures gave me this award yesterday:


I am passing it on forthwith to Exmoor Jane  and Geeky Mummy.

The lovely Geeky Mummy also sent me this gorgeous Sunshine Award:


Isn’t it pretty? I’d like to give this to Nuttycow, Clinically Fed Up , Victoria and  Mummeeeeee, either to cheer you up or for cheering me up.

Now, while I’m at it, I do have a tag and another award to be taken into consideration ……but unfortunately I’ve forgotten where I put them …, they could be in this drawer ….or did I mean this cupboard? Erm, talk amongst yourselves, my dears, this could take a little time ………..

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7 Responses to “Award time”

  1. nuttycow Says:

    Thank you :)

    You’re too kind.


  2. Victoria Says:

    Hey Thanks DD. Lovely surprise. But…. its my 2nd of these! Still, nice to know that you thought of me. And they do always bring a smile and a kind of chuffed feeling.

  3. Chic Mama Says:

    Congratulations…I know what you mean though. Everytime, I think I must write it down then forget and it can take hours trying to find it. ;0)

  4. Crystal Jigsaw Says:

    Well done on getting the awards! I think I’m the world’s worst blogger with awards, so perhaps we should invent one called “The Never Passes It On Award” or something like that!

    CJ xx

  5. muummmmeeeeee...... Says:

    Aw cheers DD! I’m crap at these awards too. Goonerjamie tagged me a few days ago which I finally got round to posting about today yet I’ve got a few that have been lurking on my conscience for weeks. I need to get cracking…

  6. geekymummy Says:

    Why thank you very much!

  7. MrsW Says:

    I don’t know how I missed this but consider me belatedly cheered up – not at all fed up :)