Beautiful in the Morning

November 5, 2019

Can’t wait to see new film Beautiful in the Morning by the promising Italian-American director, Flavia Casa. I’m a sucker for the cinema anyway, and this is also the first time I will be watching a movie made by someone I actually vaguely know. Well, that’s stretching it – she is the friend of a daughter of a friend, and we’ve never actually exchanged a word – but it’s the closest I’ve got so far to a proper film director and I feel I should definitely boast about it.

Beautiful in the Morning

Flavia Casa is only 29, yet seems to have deftly caught the haunting qualities of a golden, coming-of-age summer in the film with a skill beyond her years. The seaside story involves three women whose lives are full of subtle and intricate undercurrents. This delicate equilibrium is broken when a mysterious man in his thirties erupts into their lives.

The film is already going down a storm, and has received or been nominated for no fewer than nine awards, including opening the LA Femme International award ceremony in the States.

The very good news is that the movie is being screened this Thursday, 7th November, at the Hackney Picturehouse, so you can come along and see for yourself. Have a look here for details and tickets.




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