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Staying sane through divorce

27. April 2012

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Sponsored guest post I hardly ever let anyone write a post for me – 99.9 per cent of the witterings you see here are mine alone. But I really liked this post by Carly Morson, suggesting clever ways of keeping yourself together during that whole splitting up/divorcing process. Hope you find it useful. Staying sane […]

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How honest should you be with children about divorce?

23. February 2012


How honest should you be with children about divorce?   As if divorce itself is not hard enough, parents also have to worry about the impact it is going to have on their children’s lives. It’s impossible not to feel guilty about inflicting this huge upheaval on your little ones. But how much do they […]

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Storm in a teapot

7. February 2012


For all those of you sweet enough to worry long into the night (don’t deny it, I know you have) over my Swedish Teapot Situation, here’s an update. Tradera, the Swedish version of eBay, sent me a very pleasant email, sympathising with my situation and suggesting that I contact the seller. Doh! As I had […]

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Boxes within boxes

25. August 2011


Well, I’ve spent most of this week in the garage, delving into boxes. Boxes which I brought with me when I moved back to the UK five years ago, and which I have been rigorously avoiding opening ever since. I do rather wish I’d left them closed. Among the sad discoveries were all the cards from […]

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Speeding to divorce

23. May 2011


I’m afraid I am utterly gripped by the Chris Huhne affair. Having missed it completely – I must have been on Mars – I got a crash course a couple of days ago when I picked up a copy of the Daily Telegraph. What a switchback ride the whole thing is. First we have the classic wriggly […]

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How to plan a holiday. Not …..

21. June 2010


It’s holiday time. And I have a very clear idea of how things should be organised: Fantasy In January, I spend a happy weekend surfing lovely places to stay. I book judiciously, and soon I have little entries on the calendar for April, a weekend in July, and two weeks in August. I spend the […]

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A rose with a thorn

30. March 2010


It was the school’s Easter concert tonight, my favourite of the year.  Bittersweet, as ever, though, as I watched the other parents wander in two by two and sit and wave at their children. There’s no place where I feel more like a single parent than on a shiny wooden pew at a school do. […]

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Dreams can come true

29. March 2010


I’ve been blowing my own trumpet so much of late that I am in real danger of blistering my perfect pout. But, in the absence of a team of cheerleaders on my benches, I sort of feel justified. Almost. Well, anyway, the news is so exciting that I can’t help yelling it from the rooftops […]

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Lame claim to fame

2. February 2010


We were listening to the splendid Capital Radio this morning, with Johnny Vaughn and Lisa Snowdon. The subject was lame claims to fame, and they included a woman who’d sold a sofa to Daniel Beddingfield and someone who’d once dressed up as Bumble in Rainbow. Excellent! Of course, it got me thinking of my own […]

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On the list

31. January 2010


I’m not sure what to make of the news that Debenhams is setting up divorce lists, as a trendy alternative to wedding lists. I imagine the idea is that the newly separated can get friends to chip in and buy them a replacement for the toaster abandoned when they scarpered from the marital home.   […]

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