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22. September 2010


I love Tara’s gallery but I can’t often enter. My pictures are always rubbish, you see, and I never put photos of my children on my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great when other people post photos of their families and I absolutely love to see them, but it just doesn’t feel right for […]

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Dreams can come true

29. March 2010


I’ve been blowing my own trumpet so much of late that I am in real danger of blistering my perfect pout. But, in the absence of a team of cheerleaders on my benches, I sort of feel justified. Almost. Well, anyway, the news is so exciting that I can’t help yelling it from the rooftops […]

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Film screening

12. March 2010


Sponsored post Hello my dears, I thought you all deserved a lovely treat, after all my shocking boasting over the last few days (in case you’ve managed to escape it, my book is coming out today!! Click here to have a peek:   How about seeing a preview of the new Warner Brothers film […]

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Book coming out on Friday!

8. March 2010


OMG! I know I slightly overuse those three little letters, but this is definitely an OMG moment. My book is coming out on Friday! I had been vaguely thinking about contacting my darling agent to see when (or even if, I admit I am a terrible pessimist and publishing is a fast-moving, cut-throat and jolly […]

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Writer’s Block

6. October 2009


You know you have writer’s block when: 1. You do little sums in your head to work out how many words you’ve already written and how many you still have to go before you hit the target of 500 a day. 2. These little sums get more and more complicated and start to involve calculators, […]

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Judging a book by its cover

23. February 2009


I crawl out of my foxhole like a soldier in a very battered tin hat, accessoried with khaki netting, my bayonet still raised to ward off any stray pink hearts which could still be circling, ready to attack. I feel my military metaphors are hopelessly tangled, but you get the idea. Thank God Valentine’s Day […]

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Signing up

27. June 2008


A very exciting moment this week when an adorable contract dropped through the letterbox from my German publishers, the incredibly discerning Ullstein Verlag. This was full of baffling clauses about rights and royalties and other stuff which didn’t even ruffle my coiffure as it whizzed so far over my head. Naturally I didn’t stop for […]

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By the book

28. January 2008


Nice Mummy bounced up to me in the playground the other day at collection time. ‘Chloe’s just finished her entrance exams, so do you want her past papers?’ Having recently (last year, but it often seems like a minute or two ago) moved back from Abroad, this sentence meant nothing to me. I knew, from […]

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