Things not to do at half term

Thu, Feb 18, 2010


Things not to do at half term

I’ve compiled my special Divorce Towers list of Half Term pitfalls …

1. Don’t be a single mother. This applies to more than just half term, but I’ve shoved it in here just so I can try and garner a bit of sympathy in advance before you all decide you hate me. You’ll see why when you read on …

2. Don’t organise a MASSIVE new work project for half term. And don’t then go around pretending that it’s not your fault, the interviewees can’t reschedule, when the horrible truth is that you just clean FORGOT about half term and now have to run around like a headless chicken failing to juggle the mess …..

3. Don’t let it drizzle every day. Well, yesterday was beautiful, but today we are back to drizzle. Just try not to let this happen. Even the cat is soggy.


4. Don’t keep telling the children, ‘wouldn’t it be lovely to have a little bit of independence?  Wouldn’t you love to walk up to the village and have a hot chocolate ALL BY YOURSELVES?’ Because, guess what, they’ll realise what you’re up to and superglue themselves to your legs, just like they did when they were 4 and 2. They’ll probably never set foot outside the house alone again.

5. Don’t mention your work crisis to friends, as they will all promptly leave the country to avoid being embroiled in your childcare arrangements yet again.

6. Don’t forget to look on the bright side – it is lovely being snuggled up in front of the fire watching the Young Dracula marathon on CBBC. Who cares if I get fired?

7. Don’t even try to work after Chardonnay O’Clock. That soooo doesn’t work. Besides, I need to keep up with yummy Being Human and Shameless just to hang on to a shred of sanity.

8. Don’t keep moaning on. They’ll be off to Mr X’s on Friday night, by which time I’ll have finished the project, be on my tod, and will be sobbing into my glass of white.

9. Don’t forget to look on the bright side – they’ll be leaving without the enormous stash of cupcakes, yay!

10. Don’t forget you’ve got a lovely lunch with a friend to look forward to on Saturday. That should keep you going. Good luck!

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26 Responses to “Things not to do at half term”

  1. suburbia Says:

    Lunch with friends is just what you need :)

    Forget your drizzle, it’s bloody well snowing here, AGAIN!

    • Dulwich Divorcee Says:

      That blimming, blimming snow! Hope it’s gone now. Mind you, I had to de-ice the car windscreen again this morning, will it never end? Grrr

  2. Crystal Jigsaw Says:

    There ain’t much getting done in this house this half term. My 10 yr old glues herself to my legs with a Nintendo DSi blaring out and I just have to go with the flow.

    CJ xx

  3. Alcoholic Daze (Addy) Says:

    I’m out of the loop, now Kay’s at uni. (Sniff.) I did not even realise it was half-term until yesterday. I thought there were less cars on the road at 8.30am!

    • Dulwich Divorcee Says:

      Hi Addy, I know, it’s so easy to forget all these things …mind you, you can now disappear off for a holiday mid-term if you feel like it!

  4. MuddynoSugar Says:

    Tried to multi-task seeing old friends, fresh air, my kids, their kids didn’t work..just got really wet and had the normal 10 second conversations..that don’t go anywhere.
    Have had a nice day today in front of telly and fire whilst snow falls…
    I feel your pain, I am normally the mummy at work.

  5. Potty Mummy Says:

    So glad I’m not alone in my ‘Being Human’ addiction – and in fact, it seems I am in good company!

    • Dulwich Divorcee Says:

      Isn’t it fab? And not just because of Mitchell, I really, er, think it’s well written …..ahem!

  6. Rosie Scribble Says:

    *snort* I am planning not to be a single mother by next half-term, that is my goal as this half term has been draining!
    I shouldn’t laugh really that you scheduled a big work project forgetting the holiday period. Don’t worry, I arranged a week of activities for my 6 year old completely forgetting a started an intense marketing course on Monday and that I’d also taken on a week-long freelance project. Doh! She ended up going to one creative workshop I’d arranged with SOMEONE ELSE’S MUM!!!

    • Dulwich Divorcee Says:

      Thanks, Rosie, that makes me feel much better ….anything you want to announce about not being a single mother?!?!

  7. muummmmeeeeee...... Says:

    How the hell did you get them to leave without the enormous stash of cupcakes? Boy…you’re good!

  8. Mamma Po Says:

    Half term is tough enough without having to deal with crap weather and juggling work. What a nightmare. Hope you survived it (thank God for Chardonnay and Being Human). Roll on Monday, yay!

    • Dulwich Divorcee Says:

      I know, Mamma P, there should definitely be a law against rubbish weather over school holidays …. :)

  9. Tara Says:

    I had to work half term and spent the whole time feeling house-sized guilt that the children had to go to holiday club.
    On the Friday I said ‘just go for half day and I’ll come and pick you up and you can spent the afternoon with me’. They cried. They ended up at holiday club for the whole day!

    • Dulwich Divorcee Says:

      Oh, I’ve had a few of those moments … least it shows they’ve had a lovely time over the holiday :)

  10. nixdminx Says:

    Hmmmm, sounds quite similar to a few of mine. Always better to go away on holiday I reckon

    • Dulwich Divorcee Says:

      Hmm, chance would be a fine thing, Nixdminx – though we are going away at Easter, yay!

  11. exmoorjane Says:

    Halfterm? Went by so fast we missed it! No child but also no husband and so basically just worked… snore. jxxx

    • Dulwich Divorcee Says:

      That sounds tough, Jane, hope you got through it ok and actually did the work – I always find very compelling cupboards to prevaricate in/clean when that happens chez Divorce Towers Axx

  12. exmoorjane Says:

    Oh, btw, you’re tagged!