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    Fashion and Fairytales – Dawnay and Dior

    April 21, 2019
    Working for Christian Dior by Jean Dawnay

    After my review for Dior: Exhibition of Dreams it was lovely to be asked to review a gorgeous little book, Working for Christian Dior, by Jean Dawnay. This little story, only fifty or so pages long but packed with fabulous anecdotes and amazing photos, is the true tale of a girl who became a Dior model, and a household name, in the 1950s. I absolutely loved it and swallowed it whole. Jean Dawnay starts off by upping sticks and setting off to…

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    I don’t think people should worry too much about naughty old Amazon evading UK tax. I think I may have just broken their entire operation. You know how they have a supposedly helpful thingy…

    November 14, 2012