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    Up, up and away

    November 16, 2012

    What a frustrating morning! Admittedly, I had completely over-reached myself, by scheduling my car’s MOT, a visit to the doctor and a filling at the dentist all one after another, but still. Grrrrrrr. And grrrr. And grrr. The first problem was that I had not been quite as efficient as I thought. I booked the doctor for 11.10, thinking the dentist was 12.15. But it turned out the dentist was 11.35. And the doctor always runs late … I dropped…

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    Car trouble?

    And another in my series of dodgy car number plates snapped badly with my iPhone while I’m on the school run. I wonder what this lady driver’s friends say to her when she asks:”does…

    January 19, 2012
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    Swings and roundabouts

    Well, my new cooker was delivered yesterday. After three months of cooking on a curious heated box which the Young Ones would have turned their noses up at, this was quite an event. Unfortunately,…

    May 6, 2011