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    The Disney Fantasy part 1

    March 5, 2012

    Well, I’m back from my wonderful Disney trip to New York, safe, sound – and thoroughly, utterly and completely spoiled. I was with Disney PRs Nikki and Laura, Lydia from Virgin Holidays and a really lovely group of journalists. We spent many happy hours making up James Bond/food mash-up film titles (the best was ‘Fiiiiishfiiiiinger’, though Dr Naan and The Spy who Loved Meat were up there too) while being bussed from meal to meal and, of course, oooh-ing and…

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    Join the breakfast club

    Had a fabulous time with the people from Kelloggs on Tuesday – not least because they treated us to the most marvellous spa treatments at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hyde Park Corner, but…

    September 29, 2011