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    Meet the Author – Alex Macbeth

    March 19, 2020
    Alex Macbeth, author

    I’m very glad to be hosting fellow crime author Alex Macbeth on my blog today. Alex’s gripping thriller, Red Die, is set in Mozambique and has been widely praised for its sense of place. Alex is now living in Italy – here is an excerpt from his online diary of lockdown living. Over to you, Alex: ‘Home in the Time of Corona’ Day 3 The sky today is an appropriate foreboding shade of grey. I’ve resorted to wearing pyjamas and…

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    Feeling pensieve …

    One of my favourite ideas in the Harry Potter series was the pensieve, where you could syphon off thoughts and leave them swirling mysteriously in a rather beautiful stone bowl. In the novels, these…

    October 5, 2011
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    Happy ever after …..

    I’ve always been a hopeless romantic. As a child, in all my favourite stories, the princess glided away to a happy ending with her prince. In my teens, I graduated to Jilly Cooper’s jolly…

    October 3, 2011