Nailing Christmas

December 19, 2018
Polished Salon, Rosendale Road

Another day, another lovely treat… oh, it’s a hard life being a blogger and author! How could I possibly refuse when Nadia of Dulwich salon duo Polished offered me a delicious Christmas manicure and pedicure?

Polished Salon, Rosendale Road

I had already been to the North Cross Road branch of Polished to have a fabulous facial with Roxana. Now I was off to try the other version of Polished, tucked into a ribbon of shops in Rosendale Road. When I first lived in Dulwich, this parade was a bit uninspiring but I’m glad to say that things are looking up. Polished, in particular, is a pink and white palace to all things lush and feminine, and has been going for quite a few years now. When I was there it filled to the rafters with the ladies of the area, mostly perfecting their manicures before, potentially, ruining them with festive chores like stuffing turkeys and wrapping presents.

Polished pedicure

I soon realised that most were opting for a sensible gel or shellac manicure, which can withstand even the most packed advent schedule, baked on to the nail as they can be.

Polished, Rosendale Road


However, I’ve tried shellac before and all went swimmingly until I couldn’t be bothered to return to a salon (not Polished, obviously) to get the polish removed in the approved fashion. Instead, I pulled it all off, which was very satisfying for the few minutes the game lasted, then left me with weakened, brittle nails for months. All my own fault, but I know my own impatience too well now and I definitely can’t be trusted with gel or shellac again. I opted instead for the classic mani and pedis, and the final results are things of tremendous beauty and lasting really well, days later.

Polished manicure

There’s nothing like being forced to sit in a chair and read loads of Hello! and Ok! magazines to help the cares of the season float away. Of course, I had totally forgotten that this kind of posh nail varnish takes forever to dry, so I ended up emerging into the darkness of a Dulwich December in bare feet and flip-flops, and had to go the rounds of three local independent bookshops to deliver copies of Death in Dulwich looking as though I had just stepped off a boiling hot beach. No-one mentioned my odd attire which to me suggests that a) everyone in Dulwich is tremendously polite and b) everyone thinks authors are one volume short of a box set anyway.

Pedicure at Polished

A big thank you to Nadia and her lovely team for having me and giving me such beautiful nails. They make me smile with every Christmas card I write 🙂

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