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    Crochet: the perfect Coronavirus hobby

    May 4, 2020
    Mitred Granny Square blanket

    I was pleased to see in the Guardian today that crafting hobbies like knitting and sewing have soared in popularity during the lockdown. The craft beating all the others hand down, however, was my own beloved crochet. I’ve long been a fan; finding it so much easier than knitting and so much less fiddly than sewing. I even wrote an article a couple of years ago about its benefits as a mindfulness tool, which I’ve dusted off for you today……

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    It’s Review Time

    Sponsored post  I won’t bore you with my New Year’s Resolutions, most of which have bitten the dust already – well, come on, it’s the 7th of January  – but I will share a…

    January 8, 2016
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    Made with love

    I’ve got that wonderful, warm, woolly feeling. I think I may have fallen in love. With crochet. Yes, crochet. Knitting’s less glamorous sister. I know, it’s a bit unexpected, but isn’t that love all…

    January 11, 2013