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    Advent is coming

    December 7, 2015

    OK, so, we’ve had a bit of a disaster this year with the Advent calendars. It wasn’t one of the usual troubles, either. I remembered to buy them in good time. I didn’t buy the wrong sort of chocolate (once we had all white chocolate, no one’s favourite – I totally blame the packaging –  and once I got Dairy Milk for a lactose intolerant child. Oh dear). I got the right number, four, though as usual I debated getting…

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    Bits and bobbles

    A few little bits and bobs which have happened over the summer, none of which is big enough for a post of its own, but all of which made me chuckle: 1. A friend,…

    August 21, 2012
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    The Fantasy continues …..

    It’s a good job I decided to tell you about my Disney Fantasy trip in two bits, as there is tons I forgot to mention yesterday. Like our trip to see Mary Poppins on…

    March 6, 2012
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    The Disney Fantasy part 1

    Well, I’m back from my wonderful Disney trip to New York, safe, sound – and thoroughly, utterly and completely spoiled. I was with Disney PRs Nikki and Laura, Lydia from Virgin Holidays and a…

    March 5, 2012
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    Where dreams come true

    Gosh, I think the universe must have been listening when I was moaning on last week about running away to Canada. No sooner did I finish my whinge than a lovely email pinged into…

    February 22, 2012