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    It’s Review Time

    October 16, 2013

    Sponsored So my lovelies, a quick round-up of some of the delights that I’ve been asked to test run on your behalf this month. And, as it’s Halloween quite soon, I have a truly spooktacular selection for you …. Haribo Who can resist Haribo? My girls, though now virtually grown up (alas) still list their visit to the Haribo factory in France as one of the most exciting days of their lives, not least because there was a grumpy lady…

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    Elizabeth Arden’s Christmas Cracker

    Sponsored Well, no sooner do I demand make-up for women of a certain age, than the clever old universe drops the answer right in my lap. Elizabeth Arden! Of course. The skincare, scent and…

    September 23, 2013